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Welcome to Goodtime Amusements
Our 35th year!

Founded in 1988, Goodtime Amusements has become the Lehigh Valleys premier amusement company. A family owned, family friendly carnival, we take pride in our operation.

From the thrill rides like the Paratrooper to Starship 3000, to the family rides like the rocking out and classic Tilt A Whirl here is something for everyone. The little tikes will not be disappointed as we have all the great kiddie rides for them.

What would a fair or carnival be without great food and games. Midway treats are a must, from delicious pizza, ice cream, funnel cakes, cotton candy, snow cones, nachos, corn dogs, caramel and candy apples, popcorn and others. Classic midway games such as basketball, balloon bust, water game, posters and many other favorites.

2119 Williams Church Rd.
Hellertown, PA 18055

Phone: 610-838-2549
Phone: 610-656-9828

Email: info@goodtimeamusementspa.com
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